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Yesterday I had the pleasure of touring St. James Church in Goose Creek. It is in the National Registry of Historic Places. The site has a history … [Continue Reading]

It has been two years since I went to the Asbury Hills Fall Festival and proposed to my wife. This fall we went back and had a unique weekend. The … [Continue Reading]

This is my first post in a while. I decided to make a quick post of my latest set of Cypress Gardens photos. I took Friday off work and just wandered … [Continue Reading]

Faith, Rebirth and Renewal

Speaking Truth

The message delivered at Goose Creek United Methodist Church on Sunday, June 6th. Scripture: Mark 7:24-30 After reading this passage, the first thought that came to me was the phrase, speaking truth to power. Most of us are familiar with that … [Read More...]

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Community Service

Memories of Rural Mission

This last weekend I was the photographer for the Charleston and Winthrop Wesley Foundations on their Fall Mission Trip. It's been a tradition for many years for the two campus ministries to meet in Charleston and conduct a mission trip with UMRC. We … [Read More...]

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R-PI Time-lapse Camera

A few weeks back while I was furloughed, I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi as a cheap way to pass the time. The time lapse camera seemed the quickest way to entertain myself. Parts 1 Raspberry Pi Model B 1 Transcend 32 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB Flash Drive 1 Dynex USB 2.0 4 […]

Small Stuff

A new gallery made with the help of extension tubes. You attach them in between your camera and lens. They put distance between the lens and the sensor in the camera. It causes additional magnification. Definitely not true macro photography, but it’s a cheap start. In some of the pictures, you can see individual carpet […]

Asbury Hills Map

On my recent trip to Asbury Hills, I carried a hiking gps with me. The GPS kept a tracklog as I walked around taking pictures. With that log, I was able to geocode (add geographic coordinates to) all my photos and drop them on a map in Google Earth. I’ll describe the process with the […]