R-PI Time-lapse Camera

A few weeks back while I was furloughed, I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi as a cheap way to pass the time. The time lapse camera seemed the quickest way to entertain myself. Parts 1 Raspberry Pi Model B 1 Transcend 32 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB Flash Drive 1 Dynex USB 2.0 4 port powered hub 1 Logitech HD Webcam C310 1 Transcend 8 GB SDHC card 1 cell phone charger Directions I geeked out for a few hours after getting my RPi. For several years I spent a significant amount of time using Debian (or a variant) as my primary desktop at home. Using Raspbian was like going home. … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Photos

Scotland is a wonderful place. It is an especially lovely place for a honeymoon. My wife and I got to spend 8 full days in Scotland enjoying Inverness, North Berwick, St. Andrews and Edinburgh. We walked up the Royal Mile, climbed the steps of St. Rules' Tower, and drank tea on the banks of the River Ness. It was a wonderful way to start our marriage. I look forward to many happy years and many interesting trips. … [Read more...]

I’m getting married

Derik loves Sarah By Derik Book Preview On November 3, 2012, I proposed to a beautiful woman, and she said yes. I can't tell you how happy I am that Sarah agreed to be my wife. We'd been dating for over 9 months when I proposed, but we'd been talking about marriage for the two to three months preceding. The proposal took place at Asbury Hills. It's been a source of many happy times in my life. I'm glad to add such a joyous occasion to the list. I put together the book above to propose. I know the book isn't sufficient to say how much I care about Sarah, but it's a start. I'll keep … [Read more...]

Scottish Games 2012

The Scottish Games were wonderful as usual. The format changed this year. The event lasted for almost 12 hours, and they had a Beer Garden and live bands. While out enjoying the culture, I sampled meat pies, scones and other Scottish delicacies. I event took a few moments to try on a kilt. Best of all, I had someone special to join me at the event. Most of the gallery covers the pictures I took in the gardens at Boone Hall. It was a warm day so there were a lot of insects out and flowers that were still open. … [Read more...]

Back to Cypress Gardens

If you are a Berkeley County resident, you should visit Cypress Gardens several times a year. It's a wonderful experience, and I find myself going there more and more often. This is another gallery with pictures from my last visit. … [Read more...]

Cypress Gardens – February 2012

I find that I'm never disappointed going to Cypress Gardens. I get some exercise, enjoy the weather and find the most interesting things for my photography. I was fortunate to find the camellias in bloom when I visited. Flowers and a macro lens are a very good thing. I've posted the first few images in this blog post. You can find the full gallery here. … [Read more...]

What are your 2012 resolutions?

Every year at this time we make resolutions. After the holidays some want to diet so they will look great for the coming summer. Others want to work on their career goals. The common thread in most of our resolutions is that they are centered on self. For the most part there is not a thing wrong with that. More people should put forth effort on self betterment, and we should encourage each other to stick to our resolutions. The only addition we should make to our resolutions is to help others too. At some point on New Years Day I read an article by the Archbishop of Cantebury, Dr. Rowan … [Read more...]

Throwing out the rulebook

It's been a busy month, and I haven't devoted any significant time to my blog. Fortunately I now have a few days off to relax and think. Earlier in the month, I read an interesting opinion piece  about the newest direction of the 'Occupy' movement. The author of the CNN article called it "Occupy foreclosed homes". Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered in droves in East New York early in December to take back a foreclosed home for a homeless family of four. I chuckled at the brashness of this protest when I heard about it, but it does make two very salient points. Foreclosure has … [Read more...]

A Fall Saturday in Charleston

The Saturday after Veterans Day was wonderful for me. I spent the entire day relaxing and various outdoor festivals in town. The first event I went to was the Farmer's Market. It was actually the first time I ever attended, and I've lived in the area my entire life. It made me realize what I missed out by not taking advantage of what was around me. There was a live band, food and every farm of artwork you can imagine. I stayed at the farmer's market for about two hours. After I left, I headed to the Blessing of the Vine at Irvin House Vineyard. There was music, various food including a … [Read more...]

Cypress Gardens on Veterans Day

It's a little delayed, but I'm posting several galleries I created over the last several weeks. On Veterans Day I decided to take a refreshing walk through Cypress Gardens. I stayed mostly on the main trail for a quick mile walk.  It was such a nice warm day this year, and the camellias were in bloom. It was amazing the number of insects that were still active on that day. I got several great close-ups of bees. … [Read more...]