The Parish of Saint Cuthbert

I don't know who Saint Cuthbert is. I do know that I have walked through the church yard of the Parish of Saint Cuthbert in Edinburgh, Scotland. My wife and I stayed in a nearby hotel during our honeymoon, and we took a stroll through the church yard one afternoon on the way back to our room. Vacationing in a country that can date historical sites back a thousand years is an interesting experience. It leads to a lot of interesting discussions about what "historic" means. In the US we discuss sites dating back to 1770s and consider that historic. In Scotland, you can find small church … [Read more...]

St. James Church, Goose Creek

Yesterday I had the pleasure of touring St. James Church in Goose Creek. It is in the National Registry of Historic Places. The site has a history going back to the early 1700s.  I've wanted to go to the church for a while; unfortunately, the site is typically only open to the public once or twice a year. I apparently wasn't alone in my wish to tour St. James Church. Mayor Michael Heitzler led the tour. Several hundred people showed up. The first few photos and a link to the entire photo gallery is below. … [Read more...]

Fall Festival 2014 and Ash Grove

It has been two years since I went to the Asbury Hills Fall Festival and proposed to my wife. This fall we went back and had a unique weekend. The Fall Festival started four hours late because of an early season snow storm. Our little cabin got at least an inch of snow. It didn't matter to my wife and I too much. We had good food, time together and a puppy. Our puppy was quite put out about having to go to the bathroom outside though. Although I've never seen the puppy move that fast to get back inside. Apple butter was bought and a good time was had. The only loss of the weekend was a poor … [Read more...]

A fun Friday

This is my first post in a while. I decided to make a quick post of my latest set of Cypress Gardens photos. I took Friday off work and just wandered around for a while. The butterfly garden was beautiful as always, and the swamp lilies were still open. New fun fact: swamp lilies close at 2pm around here, and the season for them ends around mid-September. Alright,  that's basically all the time I have for now. Working on a few technical projects at home, and I think some of those projects will be the focus of my next set of posts. … [Read more...]


Our pictures from the cottage in November. … [Read more...]

Another Cypress Gardens walk and photo shoot

I decided to take the day off and enjoy another hike through Cypress Gardens. The water lily season is just ending, but there were still enough in bloom to give me several great pictures. … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Photos

Scotland is a wonderful place. It is an especially lovely place for a honeymoon. My wife and I got to spend 8 full days in Scotland enjoying Inverness, North Berwick, St. Andrews and Edinburgh. We walked up the Royal Mile, climbed the steps of St. Rules' Tower, and drank tea on the banks of the River Ness. It was a wonderful way to start our marriage. I look forward to many happy years and many interesting trips. … [Read more...]

I’m getting married

Derik loves Sarah By Derik Book Preview On November 3, 2012, I proposed to a beautiful woman, and she said yes. I can't tell you how happy I am that Sarah agreed to be my wife. We'd been dating for over 9 months when I proposed, but we'd been talking about marriage for the two to three months preceding. The proposal took place at Asbury Hills. It's been a source of many happy times in my life. I'm glad to add such a joyous occasion to the list. I put together the book above to propose. I know the book isn't sufficient to say how much I care about Sarah, but it's a start. I'll keep … [Read more...]

Scottish Games 2012

The Scottish Games were wonderful as usual. The format changed this year. The event lasted for almost 12 hours, and they had a Beer Garden and live bands. While out enjoying the culture, I sampled meat pies, scones and other Scottish delicacies. I event took a few moments to try on a kilt. Best of all, I had someone special to join me at the event. Most of the gallery covers the pictures I took in the gardens at Boone Hall. It was a warm day so there were a lot of insects out and flowers that were still open. … [Read more...]

Back to Cypress Gardens

If you are a Berkeley County resident, you should visit Cypress Gardens several times a year. It's a wonderful experience, and I find myself going there more and more often. This is another gallery with pictures from my last visit. … [Read more...]