R-PI Time-lapse Camera

A few weeks back while I was furloughed, I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi as a cheap way to pass the time. The time lapse camera seemed the quickest way to entertain myself. Parts 1 Raspberry Pi Model B 1 Transcend 32 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB Flash Drive 1 Dynex USB 2.0 4 port powered hub 1 Logitech HD Webcam C310 1 Transcend 8 GB SDHC card 1 cell phone charger Directions I geeked out for a few hours after getting my RPi. For several years I spent a significant amount of time using Debian (or a variant) as my primary desktop at home. Using Raspbian was like going home. … [Read more...]

Small Stuff

A new gallery made with the help of extension tubes. You attach them in between your camera and lens. They put distance between the lens and the sensor in the camera. It causes additional magnification. Definitely not true macro photography, but it's a cheap start. In some of the pictures, you can see individual carpet fibers! … [Read more...]

Asbury Hills Map

On my recent trip to Asbury Hills, I carried a hiking gps with me. The GPS kept a tracklog as I walked around taking pictures. With that log, I was able to geocode (add geographic coordinates to) all my photos and drop them on a map in Google Earth. I'll describe the process with the GPS and my photos in a later post. In this post, I'll illustrate a few of the benefits of Google Earth. Once my pictures were in Google Earth, I was able to export a kmz file that I could upload to Google Maps showing where I took all my photos. You can see a small version of that map below. View Asbury … [Read more...]

WordCamp Savannah

I've been blogging on WordPress off and on for the last 18 months or so. For the first ten months, I periodically updated a WordPress.com blog before making the jump to a self hosted WordPress install. Over that time I have learned to greatly appreciate the WordPress platform, and I wanted to attend a WordCamp event to meet others who shared that appreciation. I was thankful to read about WordCamp Savannah a few months ago.  It meant I could go to a WordCamp nearby, and I got to spend a weekend in Savannah. To increase my geek score this year, I have started packing podcasting equipment … [Read more...]

Moo Cards

I've been hosting my photography on Smugmug for over a year now.  For a nominal fee I have unlimited uploads of my photography and lots of partner services including prints and merchandise like mugs and business cards.  Smugmug recently added Moo Cards to their list of partner services.  Moo offers business cards, greeting cards and post cards.  What's nice is they allow you to add your own photography to everything.  I used five of my favorite photographs to create fifty business cards for a little over $20.  As a partner service with Smugmug, I can log into my Smugmug account and pick which … [Read more...]

Worth a thousand words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a photobook worth?  Last year I shadowed Charleston and Winthrop Wesley Foundation during their fall mission trip.  Over the course of the year, I've used those pictures in websites, slide shows and videos to help me describe the importance of campus ministries.  The response has been mixed.  On websites and social networks, I've gotten a lot of hits.  When I've attended conferences I've typically taken a laptop and a flat screen monitor to show the pictures at a booth.  After lugging a monitor with me to more than one event, I decided the … [Read more...]

First steps into video

I honestly lack any skill in the area of video capture and editing.  Mom bought a video camera sometime during my teen years for me and my father.  The two of us unanimously agreed that she should return it.  That ended my family's experiment into video equipment.  In our defense, we were very big photography nuts at the time.  Since then I've been a hold out when video creation was concerned.  This weekend I opted to change my status to an extremely late adopter. The situation causing the change was a few hundred photos from various campus ministry events.  I could either create another … [Read more...]

The media revolution

Ok.  I'll admit I'm a history buff.  That's not really embarrassing.  What I tend to hide is that I enjoy pretty much any history.  I'll spend annoying amounts of time learning how an organization works; and then, I'll try to determine how it used to work and why it changed.  You're probably confused at this point.  What does my facination with minutia have to do with a 'media revolution'?   It means that instead of observing an overarching trend in human society from the present backwards, I get to experience it firsthand and try to guess what the end result will be. As background I was in … [Read more...]

Digital scrapbooking

Talking about scanners made me think of a project this last summer.  I made a scrapbook on a family event.  Counter to my usual policy, I'm not going to make fun of physically making a scrapbook.  It requires you to get pictures developed, buy material and meticulously laying out your scrapbook.  If you can do it, I applaud you.  This post is only presenting a computer based method to create a book of your favorite family memories and have it printed into your choice of hardback or softbound book. What do you need for digital scrapbooking: Digital photographs or a scanner (to make … [Read more...]

Quick Tips — On Reviews

This blog contains articles about solutions that I've found and liked.  You may wonder how I make a decision.  Well, if post-it notes on a dart board fail, I start looking at review sites and user comments.  Reviewer sites fall into two categories, review sites with one focus and sites covering a whole scope of technology.  My current new favorite is toptenreviews.  Interestingly enough, I don't like it because I agree with it all the time.  I like it because it provides a list of ten things in a category.  Probably why they named it top 10 reviews.  Sometimes your biggest obstacle in making a … [Read more...]