Memories of Rural Mission

This last weekend I was the photographer for the Charleston and Winthrop Wesley Foundations on their Fall Mission Trip. It's been a tradition for many years for the two campus ministries to meet in Charleston and conduct a mission trip with UMRC. We were all saddened to see UMRC dissolve this year, but the two campus ministries were determined to go out and serve the community. This year the campus ministers contacted Rural Mission on Johns Island. While it may be the first fall mission trip Charleston and Winthrop have had at Rural Mission, the relationship between United Methodist campus … [Read more...]

Relay for Life video

The Lower Berkeley Relay for Life had their wrap-up party this last Wednesday. I wasn't able to make it, but I was able to contribute a slideshow consisting of my Relay pictures and audio clips from the event. It's a little bit long (10 minutes), but there are over a dozen audio clips from Relay participants. Thanks to all the awesome people I meet each year when I go out to the event. Goose Creek is blessed to have so many people devoted to the fight against cancer.           … [Read more...]

Sumpter Free Health Clinic

I enjoy every email or call I get about the Sumpter Free Health Clinic. In one of the last emails Judy Burke told me about a fish fry and car wash fundraiser the clinic was having on a weekend. I love a fish fry, and knowing the proceeds go to a good cause made it all the better. The event was being held at the clinic which meant I would finally get a chance to go inside. I spent some time eating good food and having great conversation with others who came out to the event. After I ate and had my car washed, Judy gave me a tour of the clinic. The building (Sumpter Chapel) was donated by … [Read more...]

Relay for Life – Brandy Joiner

Brandy is the other person I interviewed from the CPM team.  Her reasons for Relay:  In Honor, In Memory, In Support. … [Read more...]

Relay for Life – Cindy Lookabill-Hall

When I walked up to Cindy with my recording equipment, she asked if I was looking for a message about Relay.  I told her I was, and she immediately said she wanted to do it.  I'm glad I wandered by her tent.  Her words reminded me that life isn't easy, but we should try to give back all the good we get. … [Read more...]

Relay for Life – Darrell and Debbie

Cancer is a disease that has an immeasurable impact on families.  It's fitting then that Relay for Life is a family event.  Darrell and Debbie were just one of many families that came out to the event to celebrate and honor their loved ones. … [Read more...]

Relay for Life – Dawn Chubb

I interviewed Dawn at the Hanahan Elementary camp site.  I cannot stress how impressed I am by the number of teachers who are involved with Relay for Life.  They teach in the the class room and teach by example. … [Read more...]

Relay for Life – Deb Walworth

At Relay I saw Deb at the Rotary Club camp site taking pictures of cancer survivors and getting stories, pictures and messages in honor of those who have passed from cancer.  We struck up a conversation where she shared her families story with cancer and how the research of the American Cancer Society has directly benefited her. … [Read more...]

Relay for Life 2011

In between posting podcasts from Relay for Life, I wanted to share some of my pictures.  I am taking a break for tonight.  Enjoy the podcasts and pictures.  I'll finish tomorrow night. … [Read more...]

Relay for Life – Laura Ellis

I met Laura Ellis in 2010 when she chaired the Relay for Life committee.  She had other commitments this year, but she definitely was still involved with the event.  After I had a wonderful bbq sandwich at her campsite, she shared her reasons for participating for Relay for Life.  As with many people, her participation is a family affair. … [Read more...]