A Community Prayer for Advent

In this season of Advent and in this season of expectation, we still carry the burdens and concerns of this world.

  • We still worry about friends ands family members who are sick.
  • We worry about the bills we need to pay.
  • We are concerned about our families and wonder whether the world is getting worse for them and us.

In the midst of all these concerns, we must remember that when we open our hearts to God, he gives us peace.

And in this Advent season and in every day in our lives, we must make the choice between focusing on the peace God gives us or falling into despair over the troubles that come into our lives.

O Lord, my prayer for this community on this day is that we may be a people who choose Peace. For when we choose your peace, we may walk down troubling paths, but our trouble and concern will have no power over us.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.