First steps into video

I honestly lack any skill in the area of video capture and editing.  Mom bought a video camera sometime during my teen years for me and my father.  The two of us unanimously agreed that she should return it.  That ended my family’s experiment into video equipment.  In our defense, we were very big photography nuts at the time.  Since then I’ve been a hold out when video creation was concerned.  This weekend I opted to change my status to an extremely late adopter.

The situation causing the change was a few hundred photos from various campus ministry events.  I could either create another picasaweb slideshow or a nice video slideshow with sound.  Given the dozens of video products for just this situation, I realized I could no longer remain ignorant on the topic.  I fired up Picasa, and used it to compile a simple movie from the pictures.  After that I loaded it into Youtube for the viewing pleasure of the South Carolina United Methodist students.

I’ve embedded my first attempt.

You’re probably wondering what took me so long to get to this point.  It’s not like I haven’t had experience in tons of equipment.  I’ve learned both 35mm and digital photography.  I did a two year stint running a sound board every Sunday at church during high school.  I’ve built and disassembled multiple computers and installed an indoor/outdoor wireless bubble in a summer camp in upstate SC.  At this point the only reason I can give for not taking up video production is to limit the number of time consuming technical hobbies I have.  Oh well, I’ve taken my first steps down the path.  One wonders where this may lead.