Worth a thousand words

2009 Fall Mission Trip Book

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a photobook worth?  Last year I shadowed Charleston and Winthrop Wesley Foundation during their fall mission trip.  Over the course of the year, I’ve used those pictures in websites, slide shows and videos to help me describe the importance of campus ministries.  The response has been mixed.  On websites and social networks, I’ve gotten a lot of hits.  When I’ve attended conferences I’ve typically taken a laptop and a flat screen monitor to show the pictures at a booth.  After lugging a monitor with me to more than one event, I decided the cost far outweighed the benefit for that particular display method.  After investing a few hours, I was able to lay out the book pictured above using MyPublisher.  I typically use Blurb, but MyPublisher had a coupon to by 1 and get 1 free.  Their printing technology had also caught up to Blurb.  They were finally able to provide me with a beautiful image wrap book.

Now I have a nice shiny new photobook for myself, and a spare for the campus ministry to use.  We shall see how the experiment with photobooks at events works.  People have gotten used to digital displays enough that they can be relegated to a background distraction.  With a photobook, curiosity may draw people both to the topic and to inquire how they can make a book too.

If you’re interested in the inside of my book, you can take a look here.  MyPublisher gives you desktop software free of charge to do the layout.  You upload the finished product to their site to order and share with your friends.  They are especially generous with coupons for the bargain hunters out there.