WordCamp Savannah

I’ve been blogging on WordPress off and on for the last 18 months or so. For the first ten months, I periodically updated a WordPress.com blog before making the jump to a self hosted WordPress install. Over that time I have learned to greatly appreciate the WordPress platform, and I wanted to attend a WordCamp event to meet others who shared that appreciation. I was thankful to read about WordCamp Savannah a few months ago.  It meant I could go to a WordCamp nearby, and I got to spend a weekend in Savannah.

To increase my geek score this year, I have started packing podcasting equipment when I go on vacation.  In this case it helped me capture a few minutes of audio from a very active user and developer community.  I am glad I went to this conference.  It opened my eyes to strength of the WordPress community and helped me to recognize just how much can be done with WordPress and the right people.

Thanks to everyone who spent time talking to me about WordPress.



  1. WordPress is slick. How are you doing the photo gallery entries? Is it a smug mug plug in? I’ve looked at a couple of plug INS and haven’t found one I liked yet.