Asbury Hills Map

On my recent trip to Asbury Hills, I carried a hiking gps with me. The GPS kept a tracklog as I walked around taking pictures. With that log, I was able to geocode (add geographic coordinates to) all my photos and drop them on a map in Google Earth. I’ll describe the process with the GPS and my photos in a later post. In this post, I’ll illustrate a few of the benefits of Google Earth. Once my pictures were in Google Earth, I was able to export a kmz file that I could upload to Google Maps showing where I took all my photos. You can see a small version of that map below.

View Asbury Hills Apple Butter Festival in a larger map

While the map is pretty nice, you can also use a Google Gadget to embed the KMZ using a Google Earth plugin. It will only work for those with Google Earth, but you can add extra content to entertain those users. In this version, I added a tour that transitions from photo to photo.

If you want to play with the KML file in Google Earth directly, you can get it here. You can still run the tour, and you’ll likely see a larger area on the map.