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I took up blogging because I’m interested in the underlying software, and I wanted to understand what I could do with it.  It’s given me a wonderful venue to show off my photography and to express my interests.

The Site

This site will cover a wide range of topics including:  photography, church and society and technology.  Basically if it catches my fancy, you might see a post on it.  The technology portion will deal with ways to better ways to communicate with others.  Photography is a hobby that my father instilled from a young age.  In the church and society section I’ll mostly be posting my thoughts and considerations about church groups that I interact with, but you will also see  more general posts about the church interaction with society.

The name of the website stems from a journal quote of Anglican cleric and theologian, John Wesley.  I’ll summarize by saying that Wesley had been present at several events where people who were considered the dregs of society had publicly repented to the point of falling into tears and “falling into fits”.  Some even testified that these changes came about because of dreams and visions.  Many of the clerics and theologians of his day were disturbed by these events.  Wesley had a different opinion.

I will show you him that was a lion till then and is now a lamb; him that was a drunkard and is now exemplarily sober; the whoremonger that was who now abhors the very ‘garment spotted by the flesh.’ These are my living arguments for what I assert, namely, ‘that God does now, as aforetime, give remission of sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost even to us and to our children…

While we live in a cynical world, we need to be mindful of these ‘living arguments’.  The reason of man often fails, but we are blessed with change beyond reason.